Caravan import Europe export

Caravan import Europe export

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Our customers from Belgium, Germany, the UK, Scandinavian countries, etc, discovered that our prices are much lower then in their own countries.

Because of the large amount of caravans we sell, the optimized use of the Internet, and low overhead costs we can be 15-20% cheaper then elsewhere. We hear from customers that we are the cheapest throughout Europe!

All our prices are All-Inclusive; Warranty, transportation to our adress, delivery costs (cleaning etc), VAT/TAX and manuals. For some countries a European COC document is needed, for Sprite and Knaus this is free, for Caravelair this is an extra of 100 euros.

Some customers are still afraid because of difficulties with the import or Customs.

“It’s as easy as buying clothes in Amsterdam!”  was a reaction from one of our customers after importing a caravan to the UK.

You don’t have to pay any duty or taxes on a caravan imported from the Netherlands. Only the Dutch tax has to be paid which is already included in our price.

On delivery, you simply take out normal UK insurance for your new caravan, come to us with the number plate, hook up and you are ready for your holiday! to import (importing) a caravan to the UK is easy.

We are very sorry not to have our website in English, we hope to find time to arrange this in the future.

For any questions please feel free to contact us by e-mail

The English language is no problem for us, looking forward to see- hear you!

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